19th Amendment Controversy

Donald Trump’s campaign has already had plenty of cringe worthy moments against a lot of people over the course of the past year. Whether it be against women, immigrants, refugees,  disabled reporters, he is doing his fair share of throwing jabs at a number of people who don’t deserve it. However, his supporters were doing the jabbing over the past week.

Trump supporters have been taking to social media to try to make a movement to repeal the 19th amendment giving women the right to vote. Trump is behind dramatically in the polls, but with just the men’s vote he would win in a landslide victory.

Screen Shot 2016-10-20 at 1.27.28 PM.png

Trump would win the election with an electoral vote of 350 to 188. The vote would be more than enough to put him into the White House.

Trump’s slogan throughout this entire charade of a campaign has been “Make America Great Again.” With his fans with such an outlandish idea that would never ever happen, his supporters would be setting this country back hundreds of years back to when women were fighting so hard for these rights that they now have.

Some women, who are Trump supporters, even took to twitter to voice their approval of the movement and would waive their right to vote if it meant a Trump victory.


That just makes no sense to me, I get that you support Donald Trump and I can respect that, but if the 19th was repealed it would set this country back so many years and the rights that women are still fighting for to this day would take a big hit. Sexism is still alive and well in our country just like racism and other unpleasant things, and it’s really sad that a fan base of one candidate would stoop that low to take away an entire amendment to try to help their candidate win an election.

Luckily this fantasy will never materialize to reality. Women deserve and have definitely earned their right to vote and have a voice in society today. It is really sad that it has never been like it is today, and it was shocking when #repealthe19th began.


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