Free Hugs Charlotte

We’ve seen it far too often over the past few years, or even this year the past few months. Police have been at the forefront of the news with all of the police related shootings of people over the last year. It is such a powerful subject and gets emotions to come out, and sometimes the reactions can turn ugly in a hurry. Whether it be the shootings in Dallas against the police, or the riots in Baltimore or Charlotte, cops have a microscope on them now more than they possibly ever have.

One citizen braved all of the insults and threats that were hurled his way as he approached officers and anyone else that would listen to him and interact with him to give hugs to show officers that there were still some people in the world that appreciated the work they do and appreciate them putting themselves in the line of fire to protect the citizens of in this case Charlotte.


As the police was standing in a line with a lot of citizens yelling insults at them, with the police not responding and just taking all of the insults, one man came up to the police and offered hugs. It was a small gesture of solidarity and showing that there were some that still supported them.

I could tell how much the hug meant to the one officer. Even approaching him afterward and talking to him again afterward was a powerful moment. Just to show the appreciation that he still has for the police was powerful to watch in the midst of all this chaos on teh streets of Charlotte. He was just doing his job and had nothing to do with the shooting, yet everyone who was there protesting yelling at the officers didn’t seem to care about the individuals going through this as well. I understand they have a right to protest and that is okay, but given the situation, I’m not sure why they were yelling at this person for hugging a cop.



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