Pulitzer Prize Event

Journalism can change everything with one story. One story that comes to mind is the Spotlight story on the catholic church and priests abusing kids. That story was done really well and it brought to light an injustice that was happening all over the world. It brought to people’s attention how long this has been going on and it helped clean up the church putting a microscope on the church all over the world.

UNT has had a rich tradition of students going on to do great things in the field of journalism. Just seeing the finalists and winners of Pulitzer’s on stage was powerful in itself. They all have went on to do great things and powerful things that help change the world. Just reading about the history of the Daily has shown how much the business of journalism has grown and evolved and grown over the years.

The Hurricane Katrina pictures that UNT alum Eric Gay took tell a powerful story of people struggling to survive after the storm ravaged the New Orleans area. It showed the rest of the country how bad the storm was and showed what these people still in the New Orleans area were dealing with. It helped spring action from those around the country to pitch in and help these people when they needed it the most.

Stories bringing to light injustices in society, whether it be race, gender, sexuality, disabilities, can really bring great change to issues. Countless times a story brings real change and provides people with an outlet to show the rest of the country what is going on and what people are trying to overcome.



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