Joe McKnight Death

Former New York Jet and Kansas City Chiefs running back Joe McKnight was fatally shot in what has been described as a road rage shooting. There has been someone that was initially not charged in the death, but more work by detectives and police in the area of the incident has enough to charge him on manslaughter charges. ” authorities “strategically” waited for days to make the arrest because they needed to find independent witnesses.”

McKnight was a five star recruit coming out of high school in Louisiana. He committed to the University of Southern California where he played three seasons that were hampered by fumbles and injuries.

Unlike some of the other death this year, it ended up not being racially motivated. Every witness said there were no racial slurs involved.

This was not the first death of a former NFL player in a shooting incident. Former New Orleans Saint and Super Bowl champion Will Smith was shot and killed in New Orleans in April of this year. Smith’s incident was just like McKnight’s, after a road incident that turned ugly. The trial for Smith’s accused shooter has just begun.

It has been an ugly year for deaths in the sports world and celebrities as well.



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