“Racism” in WWE

There has been a long history of African Americans and other minorities working in the professional wrestling industry for the industry titan World Wrestling Entertainment. There have been only a select few that have reached the pinnacle of the industry to capture the heavyweight championship that were not white. It is known that professional wrestling is a scripted event, where the outcomes are predetermined. However, even with those predetermined outcomes, there is still a lack of minority champions in their company’s history.

Of the current roster of wrestlers, only one group of champions is black as well as the women’s champion. The rest are white and this is not out of the ordinary for WWE. Only Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Alberto Del Rio, and Roman Reigns were not white. In the 52 years of the WWE Championship being implemented, only three.

There were many past wrestlers given characters of very stereotypical origins to whatever race they are. One of the most prominent was the “Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase having an African American butler Virgil. There were many instances where, in the show, DiBiase stated that he “owned” Virgil. Over the years of the two being together on television, he continually stated that and took control over Virgil. This is just one of many instances of some sort of racism being displayed on WWE television.

In today’s WWE, there has been a women’s revolution happening over the last year and a half. The championship that the women fight for has changed from the Diva’s Championship to the Women’s Championship. They are no longer gone by the term divas, and now gone just by superstars, like their male counterparts.

Over the last few months they have gotten to play a larger role in the on screen product. They have been given larger matches and things that they weren’t being given over the last few years.


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