My name is Brendin Axtman, a junior journalism student at the Mayborn at the University of North Texas. I’m originally from Rugby, North Dakota, but down here I am from Plano. I really want to go into sports journalism and write for a major sports team on a beat or something to that effect. Sports has alway been a big part of my life, and I want to continue to pursue my dream of working for a professional sports team. I hope to work in hockey, which is my favorite sport, but if something else comes calling I will go that route. I have played sports most of my life, really until high school when I figured out that I wasn’t good enough to play high school sports. I then went behind the camera to film for the football and basketball teams at Plano West Senior High School. I figured if I couldn’t play the game, I might as well stay close to it and work with the basketball and football teams. I thoroughly enjoy being down in Texas more than being in North Dakota. Not just for the weather, but there is many more sports available to attend down here that I simply could not do in North Dakota.


I’m in Journalism 3310, a feature writing class at the University of North Texas. My beat is on the Denton Square and I will be blogging throughout the semester on stories from the Square.



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