“Racism” in WWE

There has been a long history of African Americans and other minorities working in the professional wrestling industry for the industry titan World Wrestling Entertainment. There have been only a select few that have reached the pinnacle of the industry to capture the heavyweight championship that were not white. It is known that professional wrestling […]

Clinton Concession Speech

On Election Night, there was pain and a sense of fear for many Americans and Hillary Clinton supporters. However, Clinton’s concession speech brought hope for a lot of different groups of people who felt a lot of fear following the shocking Trump victory. “We’ve spent a year and a half bringing together millions of people […]

Joe McKnight Death

Former New York Jet and Kansas City Chiefs running back Joe McKnight was fatally shot in what has been described as a road rage shooting. There has been someone that was initially not charged in the death, but more work by detectives and police in the area of the incident has enough to charge him […]

Denton Sanctuary City

Sanctuary cities have a definition according to CNN, “…jurisdictions that fall under that controversial term — supporters oppose it — generally have policies or laws that limit the extent to which law enforcement and other government employees will go to assist the federal government on immigration matters.” The Texas governor Greg Abbott has publicly said […]

Election 2016

The reaction to Donald Trump’s victory one month ago sparked many people, including many prominent celebrities, to speak their minds and their disagreements with Mr. Trump taking office. Notable celebrities such as Ariana Grande, Katy Perry, JK Rowling, and many others tweeted their displeasure for the election results. There were many that were voicing unity […]

Pulitzer Prize Event

Journalism can change everything with one story. One story that comes to mind is the Spotlight story on the catholic church and priests abusing kids. That story was done really well and it brought to light an injustice that was happening all over the world. It brought to people’s attention how long this has been […]

National Anthem

I never thought the National Anthem would create such a negative reaction and people would be talking about it this much in a long time. Starting with Collin Kaepernick and his decision not to stand during the Star Spangled Banner generating many others to do the same, it is a weird thing that I never […]