Free Hugs Charlotte

We’ve seen it far too often over the past few years, or even this year the past few months. Police have been at the forefront of the news with all of the police related shootings of people over the last year. It is such a powerful subject and gets emotions to come out, and sometimes […]

19th Amendment Controversy

Donald Trump’s campaign has already had plenty of cringe worthy moments against a lot of people over the course of the past year. Whether it be against women, immigrants, refugees,  disabled reporters, he is doing his fair share of throwing jabs at a number of people who don’t deserve it. However, his supporters were doing […]


The United States Women’s National soccer team has won three world cups in their history, including one in 2015. Despite all of this, and having much more success than their men counterparts, the conditions that women are forced to play in and the pay they are paid after games is far different than the men. […]